- RUBY -

Our 2016 Special Edition Sparkling Red Wine

  • Terrior - Estate grown

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 

  • Dry Red Sparkling . Made in the traditional méthode champenoise way.

  • Vintage -  2016

  • Winemakers - A collaboration between Alan Deeble (base wine) & Laura Sparrow(méthode champenoise)


Cabernet Sauvignon is rarely used in sparkling wine. You need ripe fruit for Cabernet and you need high acid levels for sparkling wine. This vintage provided both of these essentials.  A rare year indeed.

This wine is made for celebration. To be enjoyed on that special occasion with family and friends. Like at Christmas with rich foods such as turkey and ham.

Or 40 years of marriage... hence the name.


Alan & Susy who Celebrated 40 Years of Marriage with the Release of 'RUBY'