During the quiet months of July and August, Cloud 9 Farm will be taking a break while Susy and Jacquie travel to Italy to learn the skills of some of the best cheese makers in the world. The girls are very excited about their trip, which will provide them with lots of inspiration – plus lots of lovely food!

The cheese producers – some small, family-run farms that produce artisan products and also larger companies – have invited Susy and Jacquie to come behind the scenes and take in the complexity of their operations.

The girls will visit Luigi Guffanti Formaggi in the Varese province. The Guffanti family has been producing Gorganzola since 1876. Here they will learn about the family’s passion for producing handcrafted cheese, which has continued for five generations.

Another exciting destination is La Fiorida, which is located in the Alps near the banks of the river Adda. This farm produces cheese
(Borgo Gazzano and Parmigiano-Reggiano) and cured meats from animals grown on site.

This amazing opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of the Italian cheese makers will provide Susy and Jacquie with plenty of ideas and inspiration for their own cheese-making back home.

Alan, Susy and Jacquie would like to thank all visitors to Cloud 9 Farm for helping to make the cellar door an overwhelming success. In September Cloud 9 Farm will be thrilled to re-open its doors with opening hours as normal.